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TP - B10
Large Eddy Simulation of Oscillating Reactive Flow in Combustion Chambers
»phase 3: new project«

Prof. Dr. Ulrich Maas
Institut für Technische Thermodynamik (ITT)
Universität Karlsruhe (TH)
76128 Karlsruhe
Telefon: +49(0)721/608-6170 oder -3930
Telefax: 49(0)721/608-3931

Ergebnisse des Teilprojekts Veröffentlichungen


The project B10 continues the research of project A6 in this CRC which was terminated by the end of the second funding period. Subproject A6 was concerned with the simulation of reactive and non-reactive flow in the near nozzle-region of a model burner with the annular jet(s) issuing into the ambient. In the new funding period the developed methodology will be extended to closed combustion chambers. This calls for inserting the present project into the group B “Complex, Composed Processes” of the CRC. In particular, the thermo-acoustic instability will be investigated simulating the configuration of a burner in a combustion chamber experimentally studied in the new subproject C6 of the CRC. Another important change is the activity on reaction modeling newly proposed in this project. While in A6 existing models were implemented, used and assessed, part of the research in B10 will be devoted to the development of entirely new reaction models in the framework of LES for premixed flames. Close interaction with other projects concerned with modeling approaches and issues of LES will take place, as well as exchange with C6, C10 focusing on experimental data to be used for validation of the modeling efforts as well as other projects treating the same burner under different conditions.

The subproject is embedded in the project cluster "Combustion Chamber" where the subprojects B9, B10, C1, C6, C7, C9 and C10 are integrated. The ambition of this project cluster is to design and build a technical multiple burner combustor (subproject C6) which is experimentally and numerically investigated in subproject B9. The singe components of the multiple burner combustor are well investigated in detail experimentally in subprojects C1 and C10 and numerically in subprojects B9 and B10. The distinction between B9 and B10 is that the former is focused on LES of the complete system, whereas the latter is centered on developing combustion models for LES and implementing this into the LES environment. Moreover, the codes in B9 and B10 are different in so far as the one is density based (compressible) whereas the other one is pressure based (variable density). The distinction between the experimental subprojects lies in the focus on the entire system (B9) and low frequency instabilities and the single systems and high frequency instabilities, respectively (subproject C1 and C10). Furthermore, C1 has its focus on the flow field whereas C10 investigates the "chemistry" of the system.

The main goals of the subproject B10 are the development of new combustion models for premixed turbulent flames, implementation and extension of other models being developed within the CRC, and their application to the configuration of the new experimental setup in subproject C6 realized during the funding period. This will on a first level allow sound validation of the entire LES model. On a second level, a closer understanding of the physics underlying the combustion instabilities observed in this type of burner will be possible, which is of relevance for industrial applications.


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