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TP - C10
Analysis of Non-stationary Combustion Phenomena in Gas Turbine Flames by Laser Measuring Techniques
»phase 3: new project«

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Manfred Aigner
Institut für Verbrennungstechnik
Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt e.V. (DLR)
Pfaffenwaldring 38-40
70569 Stuttgart
Telefon: +49(0)711/6862-309
Telefax: +49(0)711/ 6862-578

Dr. Wolfgang Meier
Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt e.V.
Institut für Verbrennungstechnik
Pfaffenwaldring 38-40
D-70569 Stuttgart
Telefon: +49-711-6862 397
Telefax: +49-711-6862 578

Ergebnisse des Teilprojekts Veröffentlichungen


The goals of the proposed project are a detailed experimental characterization of non-stationary combustion processes in gas turbine relevant flames with the focus on periodic combustion instabilities and the establishment of a data archive which is suited for the further development and verification of numerical flame simulations. The measurements will be performed in the CRC 606 standard combustor (gas film nozzle) for swirled, (partially) premixed flames. Within this project, the use of gaseous fuels at atmospheric pressure is planned. A combustion chamber with good optical access will enable the application of optical and laser diagnostic measuring techniques.

Methods to be applied are chemiluminescence imaging, planar laser induced fluorescence of OH and laser Raman scattering. Further, innovative high-speed laser diagnostics with pulse repetition rates beyond 1 kHz will be applied to temporally resolve non-stationary processes in the flames. For oscillating flames, the acoustic pressure fluctuations are monitored and the measuring techniques are applied in phase-correlation to the oscillations. Unsteady combustion phenomena like thermoacoustic pulsations, hydrodynamic instabilities or, in general, the flame-vortex interactions will be studied in order to better understand the underlying mechanisms.

A further aspect of the investigations are finite-rate chemistry effects and their influence on flame stabilization. For well-defined “standard flames”, detailed experimental data sets will be established including flow velocities, temperature, major species concentrations, mixture fraction, OH and OH* distributions and acoustic frequency spectra. Theses data sets serve for the validation and improvement of theoretical models and numerical flame simulations.




Wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiter: 
Dipl.-Ing. Christoph Arndt
Telefon: +49(0)711/6862-445
Telefax: 49(0)711&6862-578

Dr. Adam Steinberg
Telefon: +49(0)711/ 6862-374
Telefax: 49(0)711&6862-578

Dr. Michael Stöhr
Telefon: +49(0)711/ 6862-327
Telefax: 49(0)711&6862-578