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Prof. Dr.-Ing. Ulrich Spicher
Institut für Kolbenmaschinen (IfKM)
Universität Karlsruhe (TH)
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PD Dr. Rainer Suntz
Institut für Technische Chemie und Polymerchemie (TCP)
Engler-Bunte-Institut/Bereich Verbrennungstechnik (EBI-VBT)
Universität Karlsruhe (TH)
Kaiserstraße 12
76128 Karlsruhe
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Ergebnisse des Teilprojekts Veröffentlichungen


SFB 606 — project C4

Process Analysis of Diesel-Engine Combustion




Non-stationary combustion in internal combustion engines is one main focus of the Collaborative Research Centre 606, cf. project cluster "Engine Combustion". Combustion in IC engines consists of a multitude of phenomena, like the non-stationary, highly turbulent in-cylinder flow, the injection of liquid fuel, its evaporation and mixing with air, ignition and combustion (diffusion flames and premixed modes).


The main issue of project C4 during the second funding period was the investigation of the formation and oxidation of soot particles in the combustion chamber of engines with direct fuel injection. For this purpose the RAYLIX-technique was applied inside the combustion chamber of a rapid compression machine as well as inside the combustion chamber of a single cylinder Spark-ignition engine with direct fuel injection. The main goal of the work during the third funding period is to extend the investigation of the Diesel-engine combustion to the understanding of the complete process consisting of

(1)       Gas exchange and in-cylinder gas motion,

(2)       Fuel injection and mixture formation,

(3)       Combustion and soot formation, and

(4)       Soot Oxidation and emission behaviour.


On the one hand from these investigations, the interaction of the different sub-processes with respect to the formation and oxidation of soot can be better understood, on the other hand experimental data are provided for development and validation of accurate simulation submodels, describing the different sub-process phenomena as well as for the complete process. The experimental data will be used for the development and validation of combustion submodels in project B11(N) as well as for the validation of complete process simulation with LES in project C8(N).


In a first step the parts for achieving optical access into the single cylinder Diesel-engine will be fabricated. This engine will be used for all experiments carried out during the third funding period. Various laser based techniques will be applied for in-cylinder measurements: PIV (particle image velocimetry) for visualization of the velocity flow field, Mie-scattering to estimate the fuel spray distribution and RAYLIX/LII to investigate the soot formation. These laser diagnostic techniques are accompanied by the 2CM to estimate the temperature distribution as well as the detection of OH-chemiluminescence to visualize the flame propagation.

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Stephen Busch
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Martin Rossbach
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