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High-pressure high-temperature cell

The constant volume cell at high pressures and high temperatures (HTDZ) at PSI is a test rig which was set up to investigate spray combustion in a constant volume. The test rig allows simulation of Diesel engine cycles from injection to ignition under engine like conditions. Due to the absence of a moving piston, and hence the absence of lubricants, the combustion chamber offers a relatively clean environment allowing optical measurements not feasible in a real engine adapted for optical access. Thus, the investigations performed with this test rig are complementary to experiments on adapted engines.

Incylinder production of soot and NOx, a key issue of engine performance, will be investigated by laser spectroscopic visualization techniques. An essential aim at PSI will be to provide spatially resolved measurements of burning spray characteristics using techniques like Laser Induced Incandescence (LII) and Laser Induced Fluorescence (LIF). Spray combustion is to be investigated for different, especially oxygen containing, fuels that comply with the requirements of compression ignition engines.

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